Since its foundation in 2002, Curatis has established numerous successful partnerships in the field of marketing and distribution of medicines in Switzerland, as well as in developing new medicines based on the principle of repurposing.

Commercial Partnerships for Switzerland

Switzerland is an attractive pharmaceutical market, thanks to the high standard of the Swiss healthcare system as well as the favourable, efficient and stable pharmaceutical market environment. Curatis is your partner company of choice for your products in Switzerland.

Customised and efficient partnership
Curatis is keen to offer its partners a customised package for the commercialisation of pharmaceutical products in Switzerland, taking into account the specific needs and requirements of the partner company and its product(s).

Curatis Core competencies:

  • speciality care drugs, orphan drugs as well as antidotes
  • market access (registration, pricing and reimbursement)
  • marketing and sales activities for specialised products
  • early access programmes
  • state-of-the-art quality and pharmacovigilance know-how
  • efficient and fast operational processes and communication with partners
  • accommodation and implementation of partner-specific requirements

Partnerships for developing novel medicines

To ensure efficient and state-of-the art developments of its pipeline projects, Curatis maintains co-development partnerships with other innovative small and medium-sized biotech/pharmaceutical companies, and also with best-practice contract research and manufacturing organisations. Curatis is looking for co-investors and/or larger pharmaceutical companies for licensing or co-development arrangements for the late stage clinical development of its pipeline projects.


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