Curatis is passionate about specialist health care professionals being able to treat patients who have rare diseases, speciality care diseases and intoxications and securing the availability of important novel and established essential medicines in Switzerland.

Curatis markets and distributes its own proprietary products as well as products from international partner companies.

Please see below for more information about our medicines.

Products A to Z Field of Application SPC* PIL**
Caphosol®  Oral mucositis 
Coldistop® Nasal oil  SPC PIL
Cyanokit® (hydroxocobalamin) Cyanide poisoning SPC
DigiFab® (digoxin) Digoxin toxicity SPC
Fluoresceine 0,5% Diagnostic ophthalmology SPC
Fluoresceine 10% Diagnostic ophthalmology SPC
Foscavir® (foscarnet) CMV retinitis SPC
Garamycin® Schwamm Gentamycin collagen sponge SPC
Haemopressin® (terlipressin) Treatment of bleeding esophageal varices SPC
Mitem® (mitomycin) Bladder cancer SPC
Mysoline® (primidone) Treatment of various forms of epilepsy and essential tremor SPC PIL
Nalcrom® (sodium cromoglycate) Gastrointestinal allergy SPC PIL
PC-30 V Decubitus prophylaxis PIL
Propycil® (propylthiouracil) Thyreostatic SPC PIL
Psychopax® (liquid formulation of diazepam) Tranquilizer SPC PIL
Pylori 13 Helicobacter pylori test SPC
Renacet (calcium acetate) Phosphate binder SPC PIL
Renapro, Renergy Special nutrition for dialysis patients   PI***
ULTRASTOP®, ULTRASTOP® pro med Anti-fog agent PIL
Xenazine® (tetrabenazine) Treatment of chorea associated with Huntington’s disease SPC PIL

*SPC: Summary of Product Characteristics
**PIL: Patient Insert Leaflet
***PI: Product Information